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Available casting metals:
Stainless Steel,

Available methods to cast:
Investment mold/ Plaster mold,
Sand mold,
Ceramic shell/ Lost wax shell
Styrofoam engraving

700 craftsmen provide their experience and skill for your unique sculpture.
Experienced translators with you to communicate with all processes of making sculpture.
Airport pick up when you arrive Nanchang.
Free hotel service and free food while you make sculptures in the foundry.

Covering an area of 89,200 square meters with 51,000 square meters of workshop, Jiangxi Tongqing Metal Handicrafts Co., Ltd. is originated from Jiangxi Yufeng Metal Handicrafts Factory. Since our establishment, we have gained rapid development under the leadership of our board chairman, Chen Zhenbo. Our economic returns have been constantly improved and production scales have been greatly increased, being one of the largest professional manufacturers of art casting throughout the world.

【In detail】

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